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Theresian and Thomasian IF YOU OBEY ALL THE RULES, YOU MISS ALL THE FUN- Katherine Hepburn

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Meters away from the pot of gold. Couldve been a millionaire by now. Mehehe

Hi brotha! it was nice seeing you! Catch up again next year! Love you >:)<

Wearin the night gown you gave me. Ahihi. Thank you! :* feelin like a princess in my towah!!

Shinong lasheng?? Hahahaa HAHAHA.

Hi friends! :)))) pinaghirapan kong picture-ran

Ganto kmi kasaya while nagrreport abt teletech

Teletech Reprezzzeeent!

Another set of doc to sign. Ugh. Hate it -__-

I feel like a star after signing on every sheet of this 300+-paged doc. Hahaha. #autograph #work

she is the most adorable dog in the whole world!!! Look oh! She's saying hi to you!!!

Chowder sitting like a fine lady!! Chutie litol dog!!!

My baby cousin's second(first) shot! Bacardi 151. You go baby!!! #biggirl

Wondering the whole day where I got this bruise -_- e sinong tanga. Hahahha.

Stop working!! Give yourself a break, baby!!!

Breakfast lunch and dinner! Sobrang favorite ko ata to:(( hahaha.

My bibi got me this m&s chocolate!! Yay! Thank yóu! ♥ u

See! Its our love cage!!!

Hi meet yer bibi stuart! Ahahaha

waiting for our 6pm class. Hola!!

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