Mahmoud Hamdy


I do whatever thing to die-even if chilling in the sun. In between am Camus in a making and dogmatic and bigoted muso. Always staying at someone else's home.

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Anarcho-syndicalism makes its debut in front of auc #tahrir #fuckikhwan #jan25

Delayed mental activity #highonmarkers

I feel as euphoric as spending a bulk of my money on that shit. #read

Nope, not a lake but road 90 to #auc #cairoweather #lol

Lovely weather #cairo #maadi

Can't see shit

The comparitive and analytical values of these revolutions have been butchered by this shitty notebook. #misinformed

Kasr eini st is blocked

An educated guess:ppl broke in,set the hq on fire unsuccesfully and burnt some pprs; arsonists r now being held hostages

An educates


Pre-results excitment is roaming caireean streets and boring the fck out of me. Averaging my way through 6oct brdg 2km at a time

Marking the end of winter break

#egypt....UN truck, any ideas