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A security guard is meticulously checking and tapping each ID while an RA admits students one by one.

I.e. congestion worse than a freeway during rush hour.

The fire trucks may have left, but residents can't enter the yet, still standing in the 30 degree night.

...and the fire trucks have left the .

I can't say the firefighters look particularly concerned, though.

...and here are the fire trucks at .

ECwireless is doing nearly 8 kb/s now. Great.

Look at that. A invite form that politely asks you to share on Twitter, instead of extorting links for quicker access.

Wait, why does it cost less to get .com access and the Sunday paper than just bostonglobe.com access?

Oh, I agree. But maybe I'm kind of slow this morning, but I can't see how your photo relates to that.

Although I'm not a big fan of 's menubar icon. There's no top padding, unlike every other icon.

CNN and the Huffington Post insist 29,944 - 29,926 is 19.

CNN and the Huffington Post insist 29,944 - 29,926 is 19.

Newsweek is either a year early or has significantly increased the number of psychics they hired.

Also, I'm going to take a wild guess and say NPR uses Sublime for <video>. (They even left in the default comments!)

Passed by #occupyhonolulu (is that a real hashtag yet?). They have a tip jar saying "change for social change."

A little bit of overset text in Tuesday's ?

Bug in ? Looks like it still has some static placeholder text. Other than that, nice app.

Okay, this Twitter spammer (I assume) just didn't try that hard.

There's a line to get into the DH? #theresafirsttimeforeverything