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Good old "Amercia." (Courtesy of Mitt Romney's new iPhone app, via .)

Looks like the Hilton reservations site is afraid of meeting little Bobby Tables…

Hilton reservations site, meet little Bobby Tables.

This app appears to invite toddlers to accidentally drop their parents' iPhones into the toilet:

Bing, I'm trying to like you, but I've never once seen Google "working to restore service."

Since 'Sheila' texted me, it must be legitimate!

Hmm, maybe I'll try out the new Bing for a little while.

Hmm, getting some unusually high CPU usage with from live markdown preview and/or full screen, I think.

Quick preview: This is the tweet/min activity yesterday for all #ecgrad mentions. More visualizations to come!

Look, it's a tree that's sassier than me!

How do people find such ugly photos of Obama? Also, real subtle, Drudge Report.

Useful tip from .

Honored to receive 2 awards tonight. And congratulations to all the other winners!

One thing that happens in Safari that really annoys me. /cc

Wait. InDesign has "out of memory" errors? What is this, Photoshop?

The #BostonMarathon men's lead car has not one, not two, but three Red cameras.

Oh, these are interesting too. But the, uh, teddy bear is my favorite.

Oh, these are interesting too. But the, uh, teddy bear is my favorite.

Starck is a cool designer, but he has a much more, um, eclectic style than Ives.

Several workers are now performing a skit reenacting the farm working conditions.