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The marvels of modern technology. Also, are there always bagpipes? #EC2013

En route to Hawaii and watching the graduation from 34,000 feet. #EC2013

The marching band—Obama's high school alma mater—at the inauguration parade.

There is currently a large pile of cinnamon rolls in the dining hall.

The firefighters are actually gearing up - with axes and oxygen tanks - for this fire alarm.

ECPD officers just extinguished a trash can that was on fire

Look out for ’s text & video recaps of the #Pelton2012 inauguration ceremony, coming later this afternoon.

President Pelton speaks at his inauguration about his 5 new goals for Emerson #Pelton2012

Musicians from the Ip Piano School perform the Mendelssohn Octet in E-Flat major #Pelton2012

Andrew DelBanco, the featured speaker: “Learning is…always unfinished and should therefore never be taken for granted”

Mass. Gov Patrick: “I have to apologize for not being in the proper medieval regalia today” #Pelton2012

Community leaders from around Boston speak to welcome Pres. Pelton #Pelton2012

Over 900 new students fill the Cutler Majestic before ’s “Welcome to Emerson!” show.

This was an unexpected DM from you (although I’m sure you didn’t mean to send it, haha).

Typing "d" into the thesaurus on a Mac brings up "penny".

Awesome, now we can be the only two Boston residents on Highlight! haha.

Also, “” was nearly autocorrected to “hippy radio.” Coincidence?

Awesome: Yelp now supports Amercia!

Looks like the made a mistake: don’t they know yellow means “go - and speed up”?

I saw these koa wood, Hawaii-made ukuleles and thought of you.