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"a picture is worth a thousand words" never truer than #tonight :)

's weekend shopping list. #andshit

When awesome guys give their coats so you don't freeze your ass off (it's cold as ballz). Work hubby, FTW. #thankshubs

#MeanwhileInAlabama Bushes, cup holders... Eh, what's the difference? #lawl

No Diet Coke sucks, but at least the alternative comes in a cute, tiny can. Look at da heart. Look at it. So cute.

Domo says goodnight too.

Liv's after bathtime plans: Dancing and coloring books. What more could a girl want? #lazysaturday

At first glance, a trash can. *looks again* #meanwhileinalabama

Obvs, it's a working Saturday #BGIGirlProblems

KICK IN THE DOOR!!!!!! You can still win this! (I might be exaggerating...) #silly #munchkin

The most awessome flower ever!!

Happy, ridiculous Monday with my favorite Jen Wood! #wehavethecoolestparties

I pity you who live as I do, with the curse of curls.

Best thing I've seen all night! XD @ #TheDeePComics

Thanks for the awesome #twittersecretsanta gift! Love me some #bbt. Here ya go, :D

Watching & relaxing after a long day. Soon to be falling asleep with the help of my oldest friends. #MuppetChristmas

Caught in the act! She's been counting presents. #Christmas!