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*shrugs* darned if i know...

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We is making donuts! Me and and !

Clancy is spooning my sister. He is a strange dog.

Mom got me a donut! *snerk* it has a costume on.

I asked my sister to buy a scrub brush to clean the bathroom. She chose this, a kitchen brush. Sigh.

My sisters bought me a #lupus pumpkin. They think they're so damn funny. Ugh.

I swear he is laying here SIGHing about how much he misses his momma. So sad.

Pecan pie cupcake by , you are not long for this world. Mmmyyyyy prrreessshhhuusssss...

Truly, I am at the pinnacle of fashion.

Dublin does her part to keep me warm. What a good kitty.

Dublin loves Auntie Maggie's butt the best. Ha!

Y'all, my foot is borked. Those lines are from my crocs maryjanes. Zomg. Stupid #lupus.

He's such a cuddlemonkey.

Today is one of those days I wish I wore contacts. Look at the cuteness! LOOK AT IT!

Clancy is the most handsome doggeh.

Too effing sweet.

Sometimes Clancy is a cuddlebug.

Man oh man, I do love the toe cleavage these shoes provide. has me shoe-lusting today.

Lunch. Breakfast was a pair of frozen beef & bean chimichangas. #balance lol :D

Nasty bruises for no damn reason! #LupieThugLife

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