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Science editor at @BoingBoing. Columnist for @NYTmag. Author of Before the Lights Go Out: Fond of Scutigera Coleoptrata.

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An hour ago, view was all snow, pines, and mountain cliffs. #TRAIN!

Another view of observation car.

A breakfast table for one #TRAIN!

Observation car #TRAIN!

Internet, meet John and Mary. I had dinner with them last night. Most awesome 89 yr olds in the world. #TRAIN! Cont...

Montana: geographic drama queen #TRAIN!

Pictured: something that could not happen on a plane. #TRAIN!

Pictured: something that could not happen on a plane.

Civilization, figure 2.

Civilized travel. #TRAIN!


Another view of that ceiling the 1960s didn't like.

Seattle #TRAIN! station, mid restoration. 1960s installed drop ceiling, removed wall decor. WTF, 1960s?

Great dim sum lunch in Seattle with . Thanks all!

In the lounge car. #TRAIN!

Let's take a trip to the lounge car. #TRAIN!

Sleeping hipster businessmen? Check and check. #Train!

Big comfy seats? Check. WiFi? Check.

To my left, the Pacific Ocean. #Train!

My first Grammy sweet potatoes without Grammy.