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Science editor at @BoingBoing. Columnist for @NYTmag. Author of Before the Lights Go Out: Fond of Scutigera Coleoptrata.

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Insert "Yo Mama" joke here. #banffscience

Nothing but tiny cups! I feel like the Banff Centre is judging my coffee addiction. #banffscience

Fact: Kerri Miller's "radio voice" sounds exactly same as Kerri Miller's real voice. Seeing radio in person is surreal.

Hanging out in the greenroom. In other news, still overly impressed by greenrooms #freecoffee! #myredneckisshowing

Ceramic artists are wise, indeed. (Last day of #Koerthstock, heading for home)

Bocci ball league, in the park, with beer, and moustaches. Hello, Portland. #bunchofboccibadasses

And there's this. I'm not anti nuclear power. But after reading Full Body Burden, "Mr. Glovebox" freaks me out. #crehst

My reading pile just got a whole lot more awesome.

This is what the finished toaster looked like. No wire insulation. Did veeery briefly work. #aef2012

Here is his photo of all component parts of toaster laid out. #aef2012

Here is making a book of illuminated conference notes. #aef2012

My other imaginary grandpa. #aef2012

My imaginary grandpa. #aef2012

Behold, the healing powers of cherry-rhubarb pie.

BRB, googling xenopus.

Spending my birthday on a plane. Luckily, I know people at Delta.

Step 4: pump it till your ARM falls off. #bike #fixaflat

Launching The Beagle!

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Look what you can buy in Skymall, .