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Science editor at @BoingBoing. Columnist for @NYTmag. Author of Before the Lights Go Out: Fond of Scutigera Coleoptrata.

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Flesh eating beetles at work. (Museum of Osteology)

Whatcha doin'? Oh, you know, primate things. (Museum of Osteology)

Honey badger don't care. @ the Museum of Osteology.

Thanks to for some truly awesome spicy hot cocoa. It came in form of whole chocolate flakes! OMG

Finally, I have a walking desk. 1 Craigslist treadmill + wall brackets + plywood.

Ahh, the traditional lighting of the Christmas Whale.

MPR headset gave me an accidental faux-hawk.

Basically, this is like giving a welding torch and unlimited budget and saying "go to town" #citymuseum

What does this look like to you? (Part of my ongoing collection of posters found in labs)

Finally, here is , posing next to world's largest Nalgene bottle.

Chemists use xray crystallography to make models of molecular structure, like this uranium buckyball.

Uranium powder + xray crystallography = this. Each dot shows light reflecting off molecular structure.

This machine makes x-ray crystallography images. It's in 's lab. Look close and see uranium powder.

Shiny Shorts!

Pics or it didn't happen. #revolver #boxing

And now, the only reunion that matters.

A true fact from Kansas history.

Somewhere in Canada, a candle and glitter-bedecked tribute to Laika the space dog.

Heartfelt, but hilariously chintzy, memorial to lost astronauts in Calgary airport. (Plz note liberal use of glitter)

Here is , playing blues fiddle at #banffscience