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Science editor at @BoingBoing. Columnist for @NYTmag. Author of Before the Lights Go Out: Fond of Scutigera Coleoptrata.

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Stone walruses at The Arctic Club, Seattle. This is what "metal" looked like in the 1890s.

Who's the prettiest train car in the world? Yes you are. #train!

Got a glimpse of the steam engine pulling my #train! as we go around a curve.

Photographic memento of my visit to the invertebrate wing of AMNH collections.

Newseum has neat display of front pages of newspapers in every state. Top of the fold in Bozeman, MT, today:

Signing in right below Chris Matthews. #greenroom #WCCO

Another in my series of photos from green rooms. WCCO has candy bars, coco-mocha coffee, pens to write on walls.

Happy National Tater Tot Day! #SciO13

A very stylized reference to Game of Thrones. #SciO13

Lego lemur. Made by . #SciO13 #lemurs #art

I did chemistry right! Huzzah!

The sounds of Christmas.

Geologists: what would make these tubular, vertical formations in sandstone?

Enjoying the wonders of erosion on a sunny December day.

Little Mars on the prairie.

Here we are on terraformed Mars in the year 2185.

Nothing more natural than Fritos.

I love that somebody designed packaging just for Asian pears.

Evolutionary theory in Oklahoma. Part of a whole exhibit on adaptation. (Museum of Osteology)