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Science editor at @BoingBoing. Columnist for @NYTmag. Author of Before the Lights Go Out: Fond of Scutigera Coleoptrata.

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That damn phonetic alphabet. Can you guess what this says?

Good morning, Canada.

A peek inside "War and Peace", baby board book version.

Thanks to for gifting future-baby Althea with "War and Peace", the board book.

Last pic from last night's #socialscience event. This is not slab of bacon. It's a slice of human knee, with cancer.

The business end of a horseshoe crab. #socialscience

At the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. #socialscience

These are my friend Grady's cheek cells. Dark blue is the nucleus. She took a better sample than me. #socialscience

The blue dots are my cheek cells. #socialscience

This beach has me quoting Edna St. Vincent Kolkata in my head. You guess the poem. #train!

Fog rolls in off the ocean. #train!

The ocean "it's only 6, 8 weeks across," says . #train!

The white hills in the far distance? Them are dunes. #train! #ocean!

Husband says, "wake me up if the view gets worth it." Does this count, do you think? #train!

What says: "I want coast dammit!" What California provides: #train!

Rural California: where RVs go to die. #train! (2/2)

Rural California: where artichokes go to grow (1/2) #train!

Where your salt comes from. (We watched a dumptruck drive over it) #train!

Starkly beautiful factory on the outskirts of Oakland. #train!

One of the best parts of #train!: spying on people's backyards.