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Fun fact: #IronMan hates trees about as much as he hates rehab. #Comics #Scans #Marvel

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Sometimes you have to enjoy the little things in life, like repulsor rays & rocket boots. #Comics #IronMan #Marvel

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Oh, Cap. I know things were different in your time, but now we have these things called "restraining orders." You might want to be aware of that.

  • 761 days ago via site
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We are never, ever getting back together, Superman. #Batman #Superman #Comics

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Also known as Thursday nights with Iron Man. #Scans #Comicbooks #IronMan

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Iron Man's weaknesses: Orange vodka, Dutch supermodels, his father's love, and Captain America's smiling face.

  • 767 days ago via site
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Me and Rorschach at #DallasComicCon. #Cosplay

  • 768 days ago via site
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Tony, no -- you still have to walk, Tony. I don't care if your Lamborghini has a flat tire. That's not what Rhodey's for.

  • 769 days ago via site
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You might want to slow down there, Clint. You're running out of Avengers to sleep with. #Avengers #Comics #Hawkeye

  • 770 days ago via site
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Scenes from the lost Avengers sex tapes, circa 1964. #Avengers #Comics #Scans #CaptainAmerica

  • 771 days ago via site
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Loki, you were born this way. The All-Father makes no mistakes.

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Final WWII Stephanie “Stevie” Rogers costume test for Dallas Fan Days. #Cosplay #CaptainAmerica #Rule63

  • 774 days ago via site
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While trying to generate new revenue streams, The Avengers took a brief & ill-advised sojourn into amateur porn...

  • 774 days ago via site
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Steve Rogers cosplay in progress.

  • 776 days ago via site
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Steve Rogers knows it's always bros before hos. Unless your bros are also your hos, in which case, it's all good.

  • 776 days ago via site
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Tony Stark here to remind you that he's never had a homosexual thought in his life. Not even once. Nope. Never.

  • 784 days ago via site
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Trying to grow my hair out like #CaptainMarvel. I'm sure my employers will be pleased.

  • 785 days ago via site
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Thor here, to remind you that it's another wonderful day here in Midgard.

  • 785 days ago via site
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Just a friendly reminder that Steve Rogers once owned a catsuit. And Tony Stark actually thought that was a good thing.

  • 791 days ago via site
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Even Batman and Superman have had their domestic issues over the years.

  • 793 days ago via site
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