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I think needs a ryan gosling/psi factor intervention. #sendhelp

I was too lazy to open a browser to search something and now i feel like Siri is mocking my accent! such a jerk.

What kind of Christmas decoration IS this?! #creepy #nothanks

a lady added me in draw something. i keep her there b/c she is frequently hilarious. the answer to this is "rap", jsyk

This is a thing I just noticed was directed at me. RUDE~ I'm obviously cooler than that other Lynsey Graham. #lolitics

bought this for $1.99..album jacket is a little beat up but album is perfect! One of my fav records of all time!

I don't know if this picture does it justice but this is the biggest spider I've ever seen, omg. #nightmarefuel D:

i know it's shark week & all but this seems a bit much. actually it was just windy ln..from my neighbours pool i assume

bought this tonight at value village for $1.99 #win hoping that it's not warped & the few tinyyy scratches are ok!

look at the ridiculousness of these pgs. one note says "busy people need to relax too" ahahah wtf.

After a day at the beach, my dog is keeping a close eye on things (and is also pretty scuzzy looking haha)~

IT'S FINALLY HERE!! If you need me, I'll be flailing over for the rest of the summer/my life #soexcited

Why am I even still awake right now?! Mostly just posting a pic to see how the new Twittelator works. Current jam~ ❤

just found this on my phone from a while ago. sometimes pokemon writers just know what's up.

I love when tabs have ridiculously wrong lyrics. #tightbaggage #feedinghere #imajerk #trololo

whoa, this is the first time in 3 years when 3G has actually been available/worked inside of my house. what the what?!

haha i found it!! #glorious #madskillz ahahah we were/are so weird...but no regrets~

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at the drive in with , listening to the SWEET tunes before the movie starts...

might as well share one last picture of barry. best fish ever~ :')

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solid night. such a fangirl but no regrets. ha! no surrender~ ba-dum-chinggg, i'm here all night, folks! #lamejoke