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An American linguist in England, working @SussexUni. This is the Twitter presence of 'Separated by a Common Language' blog.

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I shd've bought V-day chocolate. :( But a former student's sent this Hotel Chocolat wrapper w/ AmE/BrE translation

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I submit: it is impossible to follow these instructions & impractical if you need the loo for its intended use.

Things I didn't expect re panto #3: Dandini was Alan Cummings & Rob Brydon's secret love child. Left here:

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Why, yes, that is a photo of fish & chips w/ MUSHY PEAS in an ad(vert) for a new American restaurant in Brighton.

You can tell an "American" bakery is in Surrey when its flapjacks aren't pancakes.

DotD: AmE 'program' v BrE 'programme' UK-based international conference, US spelling.

Everyone else in SE England is talking about the lovely weather. I literally have a dark cloud over my head.

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While you're visiting SbaCL Headquarters, do take the tour:

While you're visiting SbaCL Headquarters, do take the tour:

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Separated by a Common Language Headquarters (geddit?) Yes, this is mine.

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Today's DotD commemorates buying these cuties in UK kids' size 7.

US/UK/Sweden Easter basket mash-up.

Couldn't make pastel eggs w/the brown ones here, but leaving them in the dye a long time worked well

They let me swear allegiance to the Queen & her descendants in spite of my retro 70s suit & bad hair day:

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Grover chose this book herself at the library. Are linguists born or made? #FB

Google ngram view of -ise versus -ize (in 'humani-e') in British English 1800-2008

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btw, the authority for today's DotD was (as it often is) John Algeo's corpus-based book:

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Found in Canada. BrE readers will find this amusingly very rude.

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DotD: BrE speakers can call this 'paddling'. AmE ones would call it 'wading'. BH & Grover @ Diana Memorial

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