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Author of '50 Shades of Clegg'.

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Happy katie

Best picture in my history book.

Wake up anus

Went downstairs to find this staring back at me. Mate you got a little something on your face...

Attention seeker get da fuck down.



Sainsbury's own #classy

I wonder who is on my YouTube account.....

My mum ordered the wrong size water bottle so I have to walk around with this monster all day. It doesn't fit in my bag

Don't hate me cos I'm indie x x x x x x x

Thanks lauren and milz you stars

New denim jacket oh yh


Er, Meghan...?

Only bought this ring because it looks like a soul gem from Skyrim

So, this is just Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey mashed together then?? How imaginative.

Got a book on young Stalin from my brother's girlfriend. I am going to be a Stalin expert at this rate #thanksjess

Thank you Mr Black.

Our Reading bff