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Telling it like it is, not how you'd like it to be }:) #TeamBeazy. BeMe.

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EPIC!!! LOL #ModernFamily


Meanwhile, isn't that ? Lol

Spectranet's speed test.

The new Spiderman suit doesn't look bad at all. Definitely looking forward to this movie.

Yes, she's wearing her bikini bottoms ON TOP OF her cycling shorts. Is it by force to swim? :'(

This suit sha...

It's like these ones don't know there's a recession, turning away money. Issokay.

Yes ladies and gents, that IS a zipper in her hair. This is a woman of advanced years. Finished? Yes we are :(


And the sound system is FUCKING CRAZY!!!!!!! Custom shit!

So I get to my cousin's house only to be oppressed by his Christmas present to himself. *sigh* God is good



definitely has a problem. #TempleRun

}:) RT : Haven't sat down to watch a woman take it all off in a while. Must change this.

Can u beat that? Cc

All na tattoo. Lol



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