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The occupiers just got to time square with a puppet obama and romney

Time square is filled with obamanoids

There's free GMO CNNdoggs in Time square

Cnn is going all out in time square for the #election2012

Here's a picture of bloombergs nypd mandatory carpool checkpoint onto the brooklyn bridge

The line for city buses is insane

National guard is setting up on 25th street in NYC

Most of the city is out of power but wall street is lit up

At a press conference for the holy land 5 what do u think of the situation

Big brother is well and alive especially in the more urban areas in NYC

The 17th annual anti police brutality march is on its way

Good showing here at the annual anti police brutality march in union square

Know you rights training "u have the right to remain silent except ur name" at union sq march will start soon

"We use cameras as our weapons" cop block teach in at the annual anti police brutality march in nyc

End the fed protesters are by the nyse

Huge march on

Looks like the nypd will arrest these 4 wheelchair bound activists live on

Nypd are chainsawing off this bike at #ows now looks like they want nothing in their way

#OWS Spokes council is happening now planning for #S17 at 1 police plaza

Tom Morello is here at #OWS #S16 pumping people up with some music