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This “Interactive” Music video is great fun and reminds me of poster art from the 90s

Inception: TOS plays TOS cc

Look. I found this from

Season 5 of TOS got a bit strange when traveled back in time and took over all the parts #photoshopwilwheaton

Triste que algunos campuseros dedicaron 47 mins escuchando este tipo de estupideces retrogradas #cpmx5

#CPMX5 debe aceptar el error cometido en permitir esto y aprovechar para hablar del problema del sexismo en tech.

Mexico is now tied with Brazil in the group

Mexico is now tied with Brazil in the group

Goal #1


One of the new emojis that the Unicode Consortium will include in the 7.0 standard is #LLAP and that is AWESOME

Memo “Thou Shall Not Pass” OCHOA

Muero…de risa. El niño acento…soloooooooooooo

This being your ultimate goal?

Yo en un futuro bajo la #LeyTelecom #NoMasPoderalPoder

██R UN INTERNET SIN ██████A #NoMásPoderalPoder

I beg to differ. I present you with the adult sippy cup.

Happy Birthday

The gender bias in tech reporting is fucking absurd /

Feliz Cumpleaños