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NEVERMIND! Cutest couple or what?!

This is happening right now! Oh my.

1-4pm will be my favorite times today, it's always summer in SoCal! :3

Oh what's up twin, LOL

Interesting numbers: 143, 11 11, 9:11, 7%

I don't want to! T___T

Folks are f'real camped out at Frank Ogawa. #occupyoakland

I don't understand but um, Happy Monday! HAHA :)

My Zelda Heart Containers came in! Happy anniversary? They're so cool! <3

Highlight: driving the old 4x4 (it's been 4 years since I drove a big car) & my package came! #movingonup :)

Are those real Marty Mcflys.. in the PI? I hella went up to the tv for a closer look.

3 days later, I can finally sign in! :D

I love a play on numbers: 123, 3, 2 and waiting on 1 approval.. uh hem ! ;)

WELL THIS SUCKS, even more. T__T

After 2 years, I finally found the salt water pearls Chuck bought me from the PI! :D

Rockin Crawish with , I WIN!

Finally printed photo but still missing extra tassel and diploma. Where art thou?

Finally printed a photo but missing extra tassel and diploma. Where art thou? :(

Stuffed and ready to snooze BUT waiting for Chuck to come home from work.. T__T

UCB Traditional Dance aspect Auditons, supporting the sistah. Funsies <3

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