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Doc:Comedy - premiere on Saturday 28th July @crumblin_cookie

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This thumb is well street.

This is why #earthhour isn't a total load of codswallop... #walkbeforerunning

Have you brought a ticket?

Poor Dotesy :(

Went to St Paul's to walk across the old Occupy spot but instead we saw'd a real Princess! We did! We did! We did!

Breakfast at a Greasy Spoon near London Bridge....

Yesterday evening there was also Bingo. Lovely, gentle play with the 'THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS' gentleman.

Perfect timing for Deller exhib given current politics. Followed Shrigley @ Hayward - puts the smile back on ya face

Watched this at the Hayward Gallery yesterday. Really good doc & exhib as a whole (there's free tea involved!)

More info about your Cookie work, as this snapshot would suggest otherwise....

She's thinking about jumping.....

Really need to sort this moustache out. *wanders off to find wax*

Mines not so bad actually. Turns out to be a stamp

Look what got in his!

Rubbish! Nowt even to make!

What could be inside?!?!?

Reading a Guardian article on why kids still like Enid Blyton, so it's only right to be drinking this -

Occupy Nottingham still going strong :)

Disappointed that there isn't any surprise from here. Gonna try all the other ones too.

It's ok for to munch down on house plants, right? #aidashow