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Doc:Comedy - premiere on Saturday 28th July @crumblin_cookie

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Stuck the telly on to watch the National

Never. I don't want people to know I read an article about a 6 headed convertible pregnant mini made from Oreos

'Izza Bank Holiday. I canna get as pissed az I wanna' slurred

Proudly serves up the pudding.

It melted! It melted!

This is about to get filled with rhubarb & custard.

Sorry, Microsoft. I didn't quite see you.

It's an eggy day! Happy zombie Jesus day!

This mixed coffee & tea (Taste of China on the High St, Leic) is really nice :)

What about this one? Although a nice Chablis is always hard to beat

Don't know what you're on about.. (this is 1 of my more cheesier albums - not used 2 make your mix CD ;)

Leicester's got a Passion Play tomorrow in front of it's big screen. Is the ban in place cause he'd turn it into wine?

The sinking of the Titanic as depicted my my 7yr old Nephew. No. 1 of 4

No. 2 of 4

No. 3 of 4

The sinking of the Titanic as depicted by my 7yr Nephew, in reverse order. No.4 of 4

Can't believe this didn't make the cut. Must be getting old #mixCD

. went to the shops & I asked for some chocolate. This is what he returned with. is wicked

I'm going to fall out!!!!!!!! Arrgghhh!

Mmmmmmm roasted!