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1wimbledon media room(interview rooms separated,usually just chairs nd 1desk 4player

1 of Wimbledons media room

That's what I had in common with serena at trophy though :( bear ws cute

Maria moving around,getting lose,let's get over with this,attitude.

Amazing night 4tennis,at stanford.I'm sure maria and serena wd hv postned this early encounter in quarters

And that's menstalking a poor bear lol

Maria warming up

No,pat did not bring his cheerleaders,ws told they 3 fm 49ers football

Maryjoe and pat getting reasdy 4tonights broadcast maria vs serena

2od espn favorites:pat and mary joe getting ready 4tonights broadcast

Ws told serena hd just a light warmn up at liunch time,perhaps showing some respect 4marias game?

Kirilenko,williams abt 2start,if maria can make serena run,perhaps she hs chance...

Not enough 2beat vika in 3sets,perhps 1of her best win, coach still makes her go 4run,trainning

Women asking if sacha and serena ws romantically involved,as I I know abt peoples personal lives lol

Hahaha if I hd hitting partner like sacha he wd be forbidden 2wear a shirt,anytime as matter of fact

Azarenka getting into good rithm in this 2nd set after winning first set

Watching vika playing her match underr the shade.very hot in the sun

SACHA(aka serena's caddy,hitting hot partner,very popular here in stanford

Forget abt atp,feliciano.sacha turning heads at #bankofwestclassic

More maria...

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