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Don't live in the past, tomorrows another day - 294B1ECC

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Hi feet, just chillin'

Look mum I don't want potatoes.. And why would I need them at college? Idiot...

you've left me I hate you forever. ANOTHER TWO WHOLE YEARS!

is life really treating you that bad, sorry but it made me laugh so much!

I loved last night!

Love it when sends me this via text #veryjel

Two of the most important boys In my life cutiessss!

Awww how cute

My ambition is to be just like his perfect CV

love finishing work to clean sheets, all the junk food I could wish for and films in bed.

Productive business lesson with chloe #awooo

I believe that says 'ginger' prick

Possibly the only person with a slight attraction to harvey?

Possibly the only person who finds harvey attractive

This is exactly why I should not leave my college work till the last minute. HELP!