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Don't live in the past, tomorrows another day - 294B1ECC

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Awwww me and my girl

The joys of being so small.. #Ridiculous

Still can't decide if I should have my hair like this?! Fgs :(

What did I say?! Dad brought home flowers!

What a coincidence, just as you sent that text this is my search history!

is practising his greek ready for when we go to cyprus awwwww


When I tidy my bedroom I always have a massive clear out!

This needs to happen again soon, very fucking soon! xoxoxoxoxo

Still struggle to open my tablets at the age of 17 stupid fucking child lock takes the piss.

Yes my bestfriend wrote this in the front of my college book the little slut.

Awww me and being all cute at college earlier xo

hehe.. Looking attractive again this morning.. Btw that is me right now!

Where we going? I need a holidayyyy

Want my hair this colour again I miss it :(

Stupid power cut turned my internet off now won't let me back on :(

told you my hair looked attractive this morning

Me and just discovered were wearing the same socks in the middle of subway..

This will be the death of me tomorrow :( I hate work