Luis Argerich


Crazy nightscape photographer,College teacher and Packers fan from Argentina. I like astronomy and meteorology. I hunt Astronomical Events & conjunctions.

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Closeup photo of Panstarrs taken yesterday showing its three tails (?) and elongated nucleus (actually coma).

  • 911 days ago via site
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Saturn and some of its Moons from last night. Looking good!

  • 920 days ago via site
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Good bye Jupiter! Daytime photo with 3 satellites. February 18th 2013.

  • 923 days ago via site
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The Moon at twilight from a few minutes ago.

  • 929 days ago via site
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Saturn & Titan, even with a small scope Titan looks orange, it's amazing. (two exposures, 5'' Mak)

  • 934 days ago via site
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Saturn from February 4th, getting higher on the East before dawn. The rings are opening.

  • 935 days ago via site
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The crazy summer storm on February 2nd over Buenos Aires.

  • 938 days ago via site
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Half a Jupiter, a real photo from yesterday's occultation. (not a crop!)

  • 951 days ago via site
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A quick animation showing Jupiter occulted by the Moon last night (dark limb) from Buenos Aires.

  • 951 days ago via site
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Comet C/2012 F6 Lemmon yesterday, around mag 7, color is cyan/green, nucleous is very bright no tail.

  • 954 days ago via site
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And a daytime Moon from yesterday. Good seeing at daytime bad seeing at night (grrrr)

  • 955 days ago via site
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Animation of Comet C/2012 F6 Lemmon in 45 minutes (hope the gif loads fine)

  • 955 days ago via site
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Comet Lemmon close to Gamma Crux, it's already a bright comet with a nice green color.

  • 955 days ago via site
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My daily Omega Centauri photo, still bad seeing and bad transparency but it's looking better.

  • 957 days ago via site
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A quick shot of Omega Centauri with bad seeing, still mesmerizing.

  • 958 days ago via site
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Sunset on the Ocean from the Atlantic coast of Argentina. A rare sight only possible near the December solstice.

  • 964 days ago via site
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The Sun just a few minutes ago, plenty of sunspots and some big ones near the right limb (South Hemisphere View)

  • 964 days ago via site
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Jupiter grazing the Moon on Christmas, more photos in this gallery:

  • 965 days ago via site
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Widefield showing Jupiter in Taurus, with Orion, Sirius and the Milky Way.

  • 986 days ago via site
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A recent photo of Tycho

  • 1001 days ago via site
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