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not many followers, but Jesus only started out with 12!

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don't worry about it. I have a furry peach!

thanks for my refresher!

My muffin is having an identity crisis & thinks it's a hot X bun, discovered a rogue currant! Happy Easter!

What's 's fave bread? One love 4the mothers pride!

If had a dog... Then this dog would be it! #awesome #dog

as you can see Im sofa surfing... #hang10

My warning to mother on her mother's day card... As i now have sparkly pink trousers!

this came up in my Facebook newsfeed & brought back a lot of tv memories! #broomcupboard

Opted for counting sheep to help me sleep...hope this picture gives an indication of its success...

Part of this lady's introduction... " add a bit of glamour to the programme..." !?!?!? #bullseye

Currently available through the book club at work? #Inappropriate !?

it's arrived!!!!

found this in a box whilst hunting for something else! #birthdaymemories

Shergar (do do do do do dooo) Ooh yummy yummy (do do do do do dooo) you are a tasty horrrrse & Tesco got me eating you!

Well made my t-shirt purchase. Your face will soon be on my chest! #mullet #funhouse

speaking of bacteria... Damn that 0.1% that we just can't kill!

Just discovered the multipack of walkers smoky bacon i bought from at Christmas was 2 months out of date!!!

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