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My [bare] skin was so awesome here. RT 9. Twitpic yourself where you felt you looked fahn. #NobleQuest

Surprised him w/ his baseball bag. I'm the coolest Mom ever right now...til I won't let him have his way again.

Zach left his notebook on my bed. This is the 1st page. When I asked last week though, he denied it. LOL

This is my glamorous life right now. Sucks. #Rheum #Spoonie

It's been a day. Productive, yet long. About to sit my shiny-faced ass down. LOL

This is his idea of us bonding. He says as long as he's in the room with me it counts. LOL

...and hers

Peace to his spirit...

For . Just in case you missed it yesterday. #RollTide

Can't twitpic myself at this moment. That would require me to put on clothes... Here's a snapshot.

There is nothing fun about being wrapped up like an off-brand mummy, but it's necessary. #Rheum #Spoonie

He's been in the same spot for almost 90 minutes. He never sits in the same place for that long.

My Mom and baby sister. My mother is 53.

Zach - 0 School day - 1 LOL

My summertime skin color was everything... RT Also, twitpic your favorite 2012 picture of yourself.

Remember what I said about 1st grade kicking his butt today?

There was a time the msgs I wrote on his rice krispie treats was sweet. Now I get "Ma, you're killing me."

This... Sigh.

Hey Sorors! I know the game is on and all but I just wanted to drop this right here... #1914 #1920

My sister bought Zach a big Angry Birds pillow b/c he's sick. It has now become part of the "fort" on his bed :)