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Hey Aid, wondered if you'd ever seen this book? From the viewpoint of a dog, about his owners 'black dog'. Its bloody clever. I love it :-)

Does this interest anyone in my twitter feed? Iv an extra ticket. DM me.

Happy Lefthanders Day Scan!

Happy Left Handers Day!

#RatRules :-)

My sister spotted this, in Edinburgh I think :-)

Be honest, you're not at #EdFringe this yr coz you don't want me turning up at your show, do you? ;-)

I hate being awake at this time. Especially when the fucking demons in my brain come out to play..

Just slept for nearly 5hrs. Springer Spaniel walking earlier must have knackered me - certainly knackered the dog! #Raffy

#FourInABed on #More4 - anyone else think Paul looks like the music teacher on the Simpsons?

My sister.. #typical

No matter how many times i clear the space around my tv, stuff (mostly rat things..) re-accumulates in no time at all..

Are these classed as 'Christmas food', or can i eat it just now?? (I apologise for using the C word..)


Lucky! Meanwhile in Scotland..

Lucky! Meanwhile in Scotland..

. I see your 'Dante the sandwich supervisor', & raise you 'Dillon the dishwasher'.. ;-)

Ooh, & then these.. (plus Ross Noble this Sept..). I save everything because it reminds me how far iv come & the comedians who have helped me. Some ppl may see that as stupid, & maybe once upon a time id have cared, but now i couldn't give a fuck ;-)

Looking thru a 'keepsake' box, mostly filled with gig tickets.. was 1st standup show i ever saw live, met him afterwards too.. Gave my recovery from social anxiety disorder a massive boost. Pretty much saved me i reckon.

Saw this, thought of you ;-)