I got 99 problems but my biscuits ain't one. Notorious #BiscuitBandit . Usually a hashtag behind. Spork revivalist. No DMs, ta

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Just seen this! It nearly says 'feck'! *giggles* #sorry

Taking the decision-making out of Monday! Cheers ;-)

My daddy when in was in the RAF. Happy Father's Day, pops! Been an interesting evening :)

check these out! ;-)

Mon Calamari o'clock!

Advertising at the Fat Cat Brewery Tap simplified for the locals.... ;-)

I look like I'm up to mischief because I am ;-)

...and we're ABSOLUTELY sure about that, are we? 100%? Don't want to double check that date? Really?

Grohl-tastic! :)

THIS! Also, there's a half eaten ice cream with red lipstick on it. You're welcome! X

An interesting development...? :) xx #isawthisandthoughtofyou

Dexter?? :) xx #SnipSnip

Damn right! I'm in a grump again! #bahhumbug

Awww! Here's Benji's laser beam pic. Still miss the little fella! :(

Cheesecake of the Day at the Blue Boar: triple choc :-) #burp

haha! I'd worship there! Behold the biscuit masterpiece before scoffage :)


BiscuitHenge! Yes. I know....I know....*closes door on way out*

Err.....not sure you understand the concept of 'pimp my ride' #wtf

I saw this & thought of you seeing this & thinking of me! :-) xxxx