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A glbtq advocate, a graphic designer, a shower singer, a learner, a creative being.

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I have the coolest desktop accessories.

Broke in the new swimsuit. My life, you wants it. :p

We're watching derby idea what's going on...

I got shiny (literally) new makeup. Can you tell I like to play? lol

#30daychallenge "draw a flasher!"

That spinny circle? Tha bane of my existence. #mustbewhatgraphicdesignhellfeelslike

By request.... #ohgodohgodmychildhood

Thought everyone should see how my sprite bra tore. It lasted about six years, at least....

I want to do a cover with this style... Ooh maybe LG *ponders*

For the amusement and curiosity of my friends, this is how I have to tie my bikini top to get support/avoid spillage.

Possible new bathing suit.... Thoughts?

I choose to believe this is a lesbian ad. #mydelusionskeepmehappy

Puppy we found in the street after gay day... :/

This is what happens when your friends know you're OCD and they decide to fuck with you. #idisaproveoftheseshenanigans

Awesome dinner made with awesome people. You know you're jealous.

Worst graphic creation ever.

Snuggle buddy! He smells like corn buggles. O_o;;

Spa's are awesome. My roommates are pimping. <3

I have a spa that I'll share with Sammie :p