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A glbtq advocate, a graphic designer, a shower singer, a learner, a creative being.

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New makeup ideas! I'm pretty sure the eyebrow trying was inspired by a pic posted. :D

Looking like a good day...

Redyed and feeling awesome. :3

My CA mom gave me a very belated Xmas gift and it's amazing.

Something fucking stung me! Not sure WHAT and there's no stinger.

This made me think of and her love of carporn.

Someone likes me!!!

better balance?

Look! I worked so hard!!! #ishoulddothatmoreoften #allnighter #ineedcaffeine

We found a puppy! So cute!

whoo! Also can haz puppy!

dancing on the bed! #thepuppiesarenotamused

Sleepy lazy puppies.... I love them!! #easilyamused

Not sure if I should be amused or terrified I woke up like this. #totallygotmydrunkon #didiever

Going out with the grrrls tonight.

Too fucking adorable.

Puppies are hidden in my room during roommates dads visit. They are slightly sullen but fucking cute!!!

Since everyone else is showing off, I am too! #copycat

At the Boardwalk with @ and about to scare ten years off my life!

.... I wonder.... Does whoever wrote this know what a rogering is?