Blue$hoe$ Cokeboy$


A&R € ¥ £ ハイエンド&アーバンストリートウェアのチーフマーケティングオフィサー。主にファッションイベントのプランニング、スタイリングをしています。詳しいインフォメーションとお問い合わせはこちらまで.

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Happy born day to my brother & I wi$h u many more year$ of killin the$e nigga$ wit that #HarryPOWDERrrr flow

#CokeBoyswear bang #CokeBoys we run thi$ $hit from the $tage to ur favorite clothing $tore #juuheardd

Major $/O to tha on tonite$ 12 point come back & game win. Me & my homie Ray Felton mobbin on them $purs$ #NY

My homie Ju$t loaded my email up & I got my nigga & my $I$ in the lab workin. Grindin

Fucca hurricane the only $hit that's gonna Rocc tha city I$ my brother album relea$e. #MMG #WB #CokeBoys

Bout to go turn the $tudio up$ide down waddup doe??? load me up it$ about that time to $et booth$ on fire

#NYC BK fine$t & will b in tha Bowery in 2 day$ to turn up wit & #FabSony

Kiccin it wit & about that #ninjanation project droppin soon

My nigga b puttin that overtime work in. Tha #lamusicadeharryfraud don't $leep. My guy fraud winnin 24/7

: Real niggaz wear girl deodorant $hit make a nigga $mell good 24/7

Wen u got a Royal-bank account & ur $hit$ loaded ur bank invite$ u out to $pend $ome of that $hit. € & £ $teez

Pu$$y nigga$ mu$t got me confu$ed $hoot ah nigga out hi$ mutha fuccin $hoe$. The name$ but im far from local

: watch this new Bricks In My #backpack3 .....WATCH! Powder 2 tha mudda fuccin ppl

checc out the big homie 5 page spread in tha #92 $pring $tyle I$$ue

My $trawberry Kit Katz don't come out until I blew enough veggie$. International munchie$ from Japan literally

My $uite acro$$ tha $t. Fr. tha TD Garden I$ ill wit a view to $ee all the Bo$ton Celtic$ enter 4 today$ game. Gang$ta

Ti$a Gang, Ti$a Record$, Ti$a Crew. #
vintage,vintage,vintage,vintage. ble$$

r u coming by today for my family in$tore then after party

Tonite after my Ti$a Record$ family invade we gonna turn up Tammany wit 4 a after party