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i take lots of photos and then write about taking photos, sometimes using more than a 140 characters!

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Just went to a thought proving show by Parr. Was gonna go 2 private view but I messed up on dates. last day today!

just revived this in the mail say "this is going to change my life". Simple things!

flickr have redesign there home page i got 2 of my pics on there. see em all in this blog post

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If your doing open house this year get the Free AOH iPhone app. makes finding venues dead easy!

rounded corner moo business cards have arrived! matilda seems to like em!

Crazy montage madness. Room number one done now one to the smaller room 2 one 5 pics to hang there!

slowly getting there! Exhibition & old Market opens tommorrow. For details keep an eye on my blog

Up a bit, down a bit, down a bit. Tilt it left....... Just a bit tedious!

Prefect I'm getting quite good at this hanging lark!

Lots to hang at the old market theatre. New owners and it's all been done up really nice place

Protesters out pervillan also moving though north lane + north street blocked to cars and buses #Brighton

Anarch in the uk (on a small scale)

Can't see a thing bugger! (ended up in drafts! Was ment to send a 13:25!)

in the photo library on the iPhone sometimes top Album is obscured buy Albums so you can click on it. anyone else?

Just had a pram mishap. Wheel got stuck between train and platform. Then it came off and now it's on the track!

submitting my application to 2011 via the site. can't decide between these 2 A or B?

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Nice but of timely dev and scanning from the vault for my hit shots course!

getting stuff ready for tomorrows hot shots course should be nice & sunny. weapons & ammo:

flickr adding minor tweaks, only one save & cancel button for title & description field. little time saver!

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big up for being the featured member of the week in the news letter!

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