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Really love the fresh paving job and expanded bike lanes on Clark Street! #cppro

Sitting back and enjoying one of my favorite beers as election results come in.

look what I found in Berlin!

FAIL! Headed to Notre Dame without a battery? Amateur move!

here you go

Putting the new guides feature to the test in central London. Starting to really see it's potential...

Oh dear, Papyrus is expanding into areas previously occupied by Comic Sans. I'm not sure if this is good or bad...


"None of your Twitter contacts are" Is this supposed to existential? Also I'm pretty sure is.

Dammit Ticketmaster.

this is too unintentionally funny. Apparently it's an insurance company...

So it's really clear iAd is a raging success right? I mean what other proof would we need?

Daily Bugle address... 616 W 57th Street... brilliant. Did you know it was an empty lot to boot?!

Dear , your opinion of good news differs greatly from mine. Seriously, are these Carpets going to get dinner?

Achievement Unlocked: Car Sold! I will miss you CA__Y, take care of your new owner Emily.

I think will probably hate that every time I see Papyrus I now think of him falling off a stage.

It sickens me that this exists.


MSNBC if you're going to be sensational at least make up your mind in which direction!

Maybe he'd do a better job in a debt crisis?