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Our sewing bitch

First pumping like a champ since 2012 #startingyoung

Thank god for 's boy. #captainamerica #thanksandy

'This is how micheal phelps trains' '

Stuff got real weird yesterday.

I'm super pissed my misspelled name will be hanging in the school forever. #cooo

Popcorn popcorn popcorn at work #dinnertime

Michelle is an angel. #bestsmoothie

Some little kid just came uo and gave me this flower. #mademyday


Oh my gosh. It's a marking band. Right in front of me...what?

Indiana beach is packed!!! but seriously #thankgod

Ha. wish you were here to take pictures of us.

it might be spicy cheese dip...but i'm not for sure

Just having a romantic outting at abes.

When donna does somthing right >>>

They are $145 and most definatly worth it. birthdaypresent??

a bitch doing bitch work. can't wait to work two hours with you toda

Karen is a goddd #amazing karentimmons > everyone

Breakfast of champions?

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