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16. Peanut butter & Lil Wayne make me wanna kill humanity ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ Make like a pedo & follow :3

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But you're richer than not rich enough ////::: <//////3 RT : FF back.


Hey look what i found today isnt it great

Aayyyyy how exciting \m/

I'd just like to take a minute & say owes me chinese food \m/

"RT : Fuck man, i need some chapstick., I can feel my lips starting to get chapped :O" yes?

Studying from my phone \m/

I didnt know we had king cobra's at happy diner :c #noonetoldme

look at mah food muddufuckasss!!

Can I has him? :( <3333

it's not 4th of july yet. lol #sillystudentstrynaburndowntheschool tehehe

lawd please bless this girl with new shoes...

Forever answerring people's questions unintentionally <3 (:<

my brothers even care for they made her cookies <33333


just here chillin being a llama im cool cause im a llama doing llama activities

damn really does want you. #markeditinhercalendar

I told you guys I was gonna take my book with me to the toilet.

this is the only picture on my phone. i love it <3333 #idontcarewhatbitchessay

My little brother was 100000x cuter before what happened? :(