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16. Peanut butter & Lil Wayne make me wanna kill humanity ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ Make like a pedo & follow :3

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HOLY. I got 18 likes on a comment i left Deven..yeah.... FaMoUsZ er wha.

Mannnn Leanna left ;__; its crazy how time passes tho /x im gonna miss this midget aw<3

I shall have this after new years ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

<3 RT : where the n00dz at?

nah like..the piercings that like like a staple -> |______| like that! --> theres a picture :3

haha meh sorta its cause its winter break so i dont have to use my brain alot

Aw awww new tunnels :3 thanks <3

the chode looking one is mine <3 the two on the very right are crack pipes or i dont fucking know Dx

This made me laugh.

eee thanks but i got this one c:<

Or this one :3

QUICK SOMEONE HELP ME QUICK!!! Should i get this onnneeeee

Hehehehhe my new background. Inspired by ;D

////: ;_; #youneedacomputertodownloadit #aw

--> proof

no but they sell these (:

ahh yeha i get you thats coool!! C:< eee hopefully like this -->

make ur hand in2 a fist like the picture then stick ur finger in ur throat :D


O_O actually having a friendly comversation with your older brother...#huh