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It's been a while, . I was surprised at how many lyrics I remembered :D #ThrowbackThursday

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What do you think?! I'm so happy with both these pictures. THE BEST. :DD <3

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Look what I got in the mail today! My Mehron make-up! YAAAAAHHHHHH :D

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Getting hot chocolate from Dutch Bros. early in the morning? I'll take that! Made by a cutie, no doubt. ;] #DutchMafia

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I couldn't help myself. I'm a 90's kid. #Carlton #DWTS

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#Burgerville #latenight #YUM

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Suddenly the crescent moon disappeared...

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Restaurant quality? I think so! #lunch #yum #foodie

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Oh, you know, just having some Chocolate Cheerios at 4 o' clock. This is my nephew's bowl and I use it more than he does...

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My Sunday night. #zombiemovie

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watched this gem. Know the movie? ;]
p.s. I gave it 5 stars.

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Freebies. College is awesome.
The clarinet wasn't free.

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Cinnamon roll for brekkie<3 Happy early birthday to me!

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Ellen is the best Oscar's host[ess?] EVER! Go El! Can I call you that? Too late. My underwear has your name on it. #Ellen #Oscars2014

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I know you want it, so come and get it. cheerio!
#afterconcertsnack #pulsestour #brokenhearted #portland

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A framed picture of Stefon, retro sunglasses [in case Seth gets really tired and doesn't want his guests to see his eyes], an espresso machine [in case he needs that extra boost, in which case the sunglasses may not be necessary], a mini boom-box to get the party started, and a name tag that says 'Los Sucko Grande, in case he feels like going by his nickname. Also in his drawer, his phone so Stefon can call him, and a list of all the haps in NY [parties and stuff!]. BAM. And that is #SethsDesk

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@theellenshow HAPPY [5 DAYS LATE] BIRTHDAY ELLEN! I wore your underwear today to celebrate... :]

HAPPY [5 DAYS LATE] BIRTHDAY ELLEN! I wore your underwear today to celebrate... :]

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Five years ago today I marched in the Inaugural Parade.... #memories

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