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My uncle scared me w this. Look at the stairs in the bottom right photo. I died before realising he edited it in

Told this that she's very Indie and now she's so excited cuz she knows where to find her music

Played some Joss Stone and the sibz got up to dance around.

Ice Cream Chefs with :o) "why are you doing this to me"

ape sia ni

I can haz free fud ^_^

Creative Writing class <3 Favourite mod this sem

Rly hope this turns out well!!!! here goes

Gardens by the Bay with the family + aunt + uncle + cousins!!!

Hahahaha AHEM

Sunday afternoon

Coffee with old and new friends on a lovely Saturday evening :)

The three of us, finally complete :') <3 <3

The oh-so-glamorous #RosesofPeace2012

A new addition to my make-up collection!!! (special thanks to my aunt!)

Blue-betudunged elephants ("omg are we really uni students")

Comments from the photo Ellen posted on Instagram. LOL facepalm