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... waiting... here...

I told that she looked so Nicki Minaj and she went all "Stupid Ho" on me

My oreo ice-cream cake :')

Lol at carrying my cake next to me "I love how you're acting oblivious all this while"

me: "Hi can I get a baby chair? for my..." waitress: "*looks over* ... for your baby, yes"

RT But it was worth it!! To make it official, HAPPY 19TH LIYAAAAAA!! ^.^

They were nice enough to put some chips in the bag of air we bought

Whale talk #3 (oh, )

Whale talk #2

Whale talk #1


"I love how blur it is"

Stage manager !! ^_^


Current progress on our cross-country journey

Transformed my sister for her prom!!!! (she's usually quite tomboyish, stays away from makeup, etc)

Didn't see the picture on this sign at first and thought they were referring to childbirth

Bro came over for coffee & dinnz (he posed for this photo omg joke)

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