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I'm that girl that wrote that ukulele song about that TV show that one time...actually, lots of those times.

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I'm very protective of these rundowns.

Ignore this picture. Posting to Twitter is faster than emailing it to myself. #myphoneisweird

And, of course, The Simpsons. Working at a TV station is weird.

I already have Zachary Levi and Ellen Degeneres watching me from another side.

In case you couldn't tell from the last picture, here is the cut out of Mario Lopez that will be watching me work.

New year, new view from my desk.

Breaking in my new boots with many, many trips to the printer.

I think my dog and I spend too much time together. He's picking up my habits.

I keep misreading this in the rundowns as "Nicolas Cage."

Some guy on 400 this morning had a Christmas lawn decoration on his car. And it was lit up!

The collection! And now to alphabetize.

Just a few options in terms of TV seasons with Thanksgiving episodes.

Some of us are enjoying this road trip more than others.

Hell of a field trip.

Pig's blood for the pig. #carrie #halloween ()

I think this is going to look good covered in blood. ()

Totally worth it. TRIBBLE FAMILY. #historynerd #trekkie

Totally worth it. TRIBBLE FAMILY. #trekkie #historynerd

Taking a little time out from my walk to check out the cemetary in Windward. #historynerd. #established1845!

Dear driver in front of me on GA 400 this morning. Your "67LEAFS" license plate made my day.

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