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Located! on Fitzroy St. Currently indulging in wine, tuna belly cappaccio

OHAI dragonfly!

all of it is worth it though, even the nausea, cause you get one of these at the end:

Mutant berry courtesy of Damian Pike Best. Strawberries. Ever.

I just sat down on the couch and this was just sitting on my coffee table *snort*

Vagina cupcakes? Must be a hens party

it is indeed!

very boo. This might make you smile....

Sleep tally in our house: mrlotus - 9.5h, me - 12h, Miss E - 14.5h.. Turns out getting #vegipatch to this is tiring work!

Perfect use of a public holiday, out in the backyard with misterlotus working on veggie patch. Starting out with this, wish me luck:

One step closer to helping my washing machine realise it's dream of becoming ATM

Evie hearts strawberries. Mucho!

The view from my Mama's porch swing:

Okay Twitter... Puppeteering belly dancers are just strange when you have no alcohol.

I've been bitten by something or maybe I'm being talked about, either way, my ears are fricking burning!

Bathroom scales in the bathroom at Crown Promenade. WTF? Has my mother in law been here?


So I finally found shoes for tomorrow. Four inches make me so happy. Especially in black satin...

it's an ex-cake now! :)

Holy snapping duck shit. This is the best cake ever and every woman should have one!