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Baking, rocking, opining, mama. Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear.

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Me, my mum, my mama and a nun. Sri Lanka, August 1981. It all starts here. Thanks for the restoration xx

one year old daughter keeps doing this. What have you/I done? She loves Dogma too..

this is where Gir sleeps.. Does this amuse you? :)

If tiredness in denial had a face, it would look like this:

:) RT : baking?? what did you cook for me?

Also making home made ball pit for the divine miss E. She loves it :)

Oh. My. God. I can has indoor ballpit pls ?

Clearly this brand of hangover makes you smarter. I just bought this:

Editor kitteh. He is a grammar nazi.

I just spat coffee all over my iPhone because of this:

Connex have clearly been placed in charge of the tv supply to new #novotel at Brisbane Airport. #tvfail

I'm about to eat all of this! What are you eating Twitter?

Even the dog would hump Beyonce's leg

Mah teeny tiny hoppy friend is back!

A bottle of red for the first person that guesses what I'm listening to:

Merry Chrimble from myself and the divine miss E (quite possibly the cutest elf evah!) xxxxx

10:29pm - holiday spliffs before bed, lo and behold, I found me a teeny tiny (5cm) friend.

Yeah, right guys. Just make yourselves comfortable there...

Kid. It's what's for dinner

Kid. It's what's for dinner