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knew you would :)


For some reason, misterlotus keeps harping on about boobies. Reminds me of this:

I wanna be this for Halloween! :)

How To Eat Ramen Like A Boss!! :)

But always mutual love and respect

And sometimes it's about kisses

It's not all about killing you know. Sometimes it's about hugs.

I actually said LOL. And I never say lol. Ever. (ping )

Just saw this on an old episode of Comedy Inc. Still quite appropriate really... #60minutesusedtobecool

This made me snort a bit :)

Just because. (I've put 2 on order)

One of the funniest things I have ever seen. How could I have not known about this?!

misterlotus making Sambal Oelek. Hello my pretties!!

giant WTF?! explain yourself why won't search page load? YOU WILL NOT DENY ME.

It's been so long... I almost fell over.

After her first proper Easter weekend, Miss E crashes out watching MacGyver marathon with her dada

Warning: shady character seen in Oakleigh East. Furry, deceptively adorable. May be drunk. Approach with caution

Auto-erotic asphyxiation: you're doing it wrong.

I think Evie is leaving me subliminal messages. #CopOut opens here 18th March. is controlling my child for free plugs!!

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