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Freelance Writer. Underdog KAD. Mess. Seen @BleacherReport, @SportsonEarth, etc. Co-Founder @The_Changeover. Lots of tennis. Gmail: lindsayjgibbs. Ice up, son!

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You guys, the background of 's twitter page is just the best.

Yes, thanks Freelancer site. This is exactly how I wanted my profile picture displayed.

I'm getting e-mails from the country now. #toofar

Motercycle rides for female passangers Only!

I love Craigslist rideshare.

You can cook an egg in the coffee maker and ohmygodyouguys.

Every player (esp. ATP) who voices support for Collins helps tennis distance itself from Gimel's 2008 comments.

Phew- glad I checked my spam filter, this one almost got away!

Holy photoshop, Stuttgart.

OMG I take back everything I ever said about long hair. #jankosigh

Um you guys when did Berdych's hair look like this? I do not remember this.

This is quite the picture of Bill Clinton and Charlize Theron.

just this past week when I hit 'publish' on a tweet post, it converts first tweet code to this...

It's the one year anniversary of this. #ohmygooodnesss

Hello Serbia.

It's like a parody list.

good afternoon.

Wonderful. Want to help feed emergency workers in Boston? has a way.