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Conducted a successful business meeting with this morning where we discussed business.

Looking at this http://www.floatingsheep.org/2012/11/mapping-racist-tweets-in-response-to.html I compared Romney / Obama states to the slave states and got this. Uncanny.

Dude, Spotify does save play counts, and you're stats are EMBARRASSING

We took to a bar t'other night, and he stood in the corner doing this for 5 mins straight. #entirelytrue

Every day I’m thankful for Chrome’s 'Hold ⌘Q to quit' feature. Basically because this is me:

Yesterday and I got married and It was incredible. Thank you to everyone who wished us well or came along!

rotate on your axis

no idea what you mean, they're still very manly:

Current status:

That bastard just smashed poor 's easter egg she left in the office.

Thought this might interest you?

What are you doing on April 21st 2012? Having a stag / 30th night out if you're free.

Timesheet for Sunday = http://cl.ly/Cmo1

will be furious to see what received then didn't eat at Japanese

I now provide conclusive proof that I am the coolest guy you know:

what are the chances:

's off sick today. Possibly because he ate his dinner off the floor the other night

I've been trying golf. Here's my friend Jim doing it properly (in front of a rainbow.)


it's 's alter ego. Have you seen his recent redesign? /cc

The free bar seems to have run out early. Probably thanks to & /cc