Aisling Canton


Inarticulate Yorkshire based Irish human. Chaotic good. Works in the other kind of gaming. Not actually Cdr. Shepard. Honourary Canadian.

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I'm almost tempted to approve this spam comment….

I discovered this painting today, entitled "Exasperation over a ruined breakfast". Hippity Bopday!

I'm not sure this category means what you think it does...

It gies back outside? Suspecting at this point that I am looking at the gas pipe.

It, of course, goes through the junction box, and passes down to... a stump... going to look in the stump now...

Goes upstairs, then returns from the room next door, where...

Pipe comes in from outside

I have also uncovered the lightless windowless toilet for ghosts. This house was possibly built by my old boss.

This is not the most booze I've ever bought on a single trip.

I'm so gonna die


I'm so gonna die

The Third World (Yorkshire)

Wha... What??

Snow's pretty much melted here, apart from our drive, which is now ice, note the bastard dip the house is in

Spotify & MS rip off non-profit project for ad campaign, nice respect for your community lads #spotigate

I have a fringe now, fringes are cool.

If I could be fucked carrying blocks of wood with me I would have bought this from Nintendo World.

I found what should wear for his wedding

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