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So, my dog likes to eat/chew stones. Will this grinding down of them affect her? They are all like that!

Remember this boy last year?

I've tried that. It says I've no bookings

Sure, they'd be no bigger than 4 inch cubed-ish though

Looking at the College of Com night courses. 8 week course on iPads, €100. Really?

Oh this! It needs a water so ignore the state of it!

Was thinking more like this maybe with mushrooms added...aaaaaaand go!

Terrapin pooh

Caramel Nibble had a long gingery hair/plastic string thing in it! Do you need batch code to check?

She started play school, her free year, so 5 mornings a week :) that's her with my bf on day 2!

Send me a photo? Mine are like this at the moment


House fox


#FictionalDeathsIWillNeverGetOver Wash in Serenity. I had to hold back tears. Seriously.

#FictionalDeathsIWillNeverGetOver Wash in Serenity. I had to hold back tears. Seriously.

this is wall colour. I think.

Am I bonkers in thinking I can fix this gate up and then paint? Or should I just wire brush and paint it?