dyg lily firna


I'm not lost, just undiscovered. :)

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Hello Suria!

Rinduu <3

Pray for this pity baby they found in a bin. Ants were eating him when they found it :(

Meet cotton! I wonder why 'cotton'? -____-

I miss my mom :(

No matter how opposite and different we are, i still love you. <3

Baby Qisha super ngegeh! <3

Nyaman berak eh. Bloop bloop arghhhhhhhhhh

With hafiz <3

Trying to impersonate The Rock but yeahhhh #failed

Sent my report and now I cant wait to do this! Mhehe ;)

and the award for the most paying attention student in class goes to..........

Lucky enough to be able to copy the notes THIS neat which actually does not deserve to be categorized as neat at all